Son of Taiwanese’s millionaire in sex scandal surrenders


One of Taiwanese’s millionaire son, Justin Lee (李宗瑞) is accused of drugging and taping his sexual encounters with numerous female celebrities. The authorities discovered explicit videos which Justin had intercourse with more than 60 models and actresses. Several of the women were unconscious in the said video. There are some speculations that he had drugged and raped the women. Taiwanese were alarmed by scandal has shaken the citizens of Taiwan. Justin Lee’s current whereabouts were uncertain.

He is the son of Lee Yue Tsang (李岳蒼), the Director of Taiwan’s Yuanta Financial Holdings Company. Justin was a constant fixture at nightclubs around Taiwan, known for footing extravagant bills for champagne and alcohol. Many models and actresses often flanked his side, while displaying public acts of affection. Justin had a habit of capturing his intimate actions with his female companions on camera and sharing the photos with his friends.

Last year, the police investigated a case involving two sisters filed against Justin Lee for sexual assault. According to the complainants, they met Justin at the bar, Spark, in Taipei. After they accepted a drink from Justin, the sisters felt dizzy. One of the sisters’ friends tried to intervene, but was stopped by Justin’s security guards.

The sisters found themselves in Justin’s apartment. Their desperate attempt to call their friends and boyfriend for help was unsuccessful. It was understood that Justin waited for the women to fall back into unconsciousness, as the drugs took intermittent effect and continued to rape them.

Suddenly, the women woke up and found themselves with bruises and scars all over their bodies. Justin yelled at them, “Go get contraception!” They went to the hospital for medical check-ups and filed police reports one month later for the sexual assault incident. Justin protested that the women had willingly slept with him.

Justin Lee may have received some insider information that he was being investigated by the police. Justin has since escaped and fled. The police department in Taiwan has issued an arrest warrant and currently searching for him.

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