SM Cinema Confirms Showing of Rurouni Kenshin


When SM Cinema pullout of earlier announcements on their Facebook page, they recently confirmed on its Twitter account that it will show the live action film adaptation of “Rurouni Kenshin,” the popular Japanese manga series created by Nobohiru Watsuki and also known as “Samurai X.”

As the posting from SM Cinema‘s Facebook page: “Announcement to all Samurai x diehards, we are still awaiting for the approval from the Japanese producers, what we can confirm is Sm will be our partner if ever this deal pushes through and have agreed to a tentative date on oct 17 still to be approved by the producers, our President is currently abroad,and will be awaiting for his announcement as he is still in constant talks with the producers, so please bear with us, we will confirm as he arrives next week, PROMISE!

SM Cinema tweeted on Thursday, “yes it will be shown in branches nationwide”, and on Friday morning, “yes, we’ll keep you posted on details”.

Gab Diaz

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