Know more about Kapamilya Stars; Sylvia Sanchez and his son Arjo Atayde


I was so delighted when I first met the best kontrabida for me Mrs. Sylvia Sanchez, together with his son Arjo Atayde who is currently one of the powerhouse casts of Dugong Buhay, an afternoon action-drama series of ABS-CBN. We enjoyed a humble treat at the Luxent Hotel where I asked them few questions.

I would like to start with Arjo Atayde which was the son of Mrs. Sylvia Sanchez, who was currently a remarkable cast of Dugong Buhay. Arjo was a newbie but is acknowledged as one of the Best New Male TV Personality for MMK:Bangka in the 2012 star awards for Television.

Arjo was asked if who are his’ current mentors are. He answered Nonie Buencamino, Lito Pimentel, and of course his Mom. Arjo is interested in hosting yet he is currently enjoying his career as an actor. He was asked if what he will choose between action and drama; Anjo chose Drama because he thinks it was his’ forte. According to Arjo, Mrs. Sylvia Sanchez is a chill-type mom; and his mom also taught him to manage his time ever since he started acting.

After asking Arjo some question, it was the turn of his mom to be asked about all the things that surrounds her.  The first question was what more will you ask for? Mrs. Sylvia answered that she wishes happiness, success, good health for her family and wanted to have his family intact for life.

How close was the personality of Teresita(Be care with my heart) and Mrs. Sylvia? According to Mrs. Sylvia it was so close, she portrayed the role easily and both Nanay’s are cool. The role Teresita and Mrs. Sylvia Sanchez was so alike except in a sense that Teresita doesn’t know the meaning of anger. Mrs. Sylvia Sanchez is someone who is a good person but changes when someone/something triggers their unlikeliness of Teresita.

How did you managed appearing in two kapamilya TV series Be Careful with My Heart and Apoy sa Dagat? She answered, “It was really confirmed that I will play as Tessie( Apoy sa Dagat); but the Be Care with My Heart and Mundo man ay magunaw, a kapamilya gold series where Sylvia Sanchez was a part of the casts, has the same production. The Production of Be Careful talked to the Production of Apoy sa Dagat if they can use Sylvia because there were no other artists that fits to the role of Teresita.

What was your Dream role? “Bulag pipi at bingi” she said, she wanted a role that will thrill her because if she is bulag pipi at bingi, what will she do in the scenes?

Do you miss being a Kontrabida? She answered, “Yes, namimiss ko manampal.” “Pero nakaka drain maging kontrabida kasi intense masyado.” Meaning, she is now enjoying her role in the two Kapamilya series where she casts.

Having two TV series currently filming, how did you manage your time for your family? “Sunday, it’s our family time. I won’t accommodate any taping on Sunday’s unless it was so important,” She said.

How are you helping Arjo in his career? She said that she is helping Arjo by giving him some words of wisdom and tips on how to stay on showbiz, be professional anytime, and to get along with all the people or utilities in the production.

Who is your Idol/inspiration? She answered Cherie Gil, “Ay ang galling, sya ung nananampal; sya ung inaayawan ng mga tao,” she said. She also wanted Cherie Gil career type since if the production likes how you portrayed being a kontrabida, you will be looked for by the productions. She said she always wants to be a kontrabida, she doesn’t afford being a bida because the pressure is all unto you.

How did you manage to go up to here? She said “because of the discrimination of others since she was once a Sexy star.” Some other said “Hanggang sexy lng yan, di marunong yan.” She used all the things that are slammed unto her as strength and the Break that she is waiting for came, Esperanza, a Filipino primetime television drama that was aired by ABS-CBN in 1997 to 1999.

Having met Mrs. Sylvia Sanchez and his Son Arjo Atayde, my expectations from them grew as I’ve known not just their capability to act, but also their capability to get along with all the people. In acting, we’re not talking here about how you act well or how you execute the scenes, it’s how you do all the things with passion.

Catch up with Arjo Atayde on Kapamilya Gold “Dugong Buhay,” and Mrs. Sylvia Sanchez on “Be Careful with My Heart” and “Apoy sa Dagat” on Primetime.

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