Jonathan Yabut is the first Apprentice Asia Winner


We’re really tuned-in on the “Apprentice Asia” finale night as our fellow Filipino was at the stake of winning. At the first time I saw him on barong, native filipino casual clothing, I was so amazed on how he managed to stay calm and positive with the guests coming in the venue for the event. ┬áIt was just so astounding on how he connected with the guests; and being known as the most hospitable persons in the world is from the Philippines, he has used it well. He discussed and talked about the Air Asia Foundation without any flaws. He is really passionate in that sense i think. Even in the cocktail event, he and his colleagues were really entertaining the guests.

On the auction event, he really made the night jolly enough due to his punchlines that makes sense, building more interactions via his sense of humor. Even though he picked the lower price bids, i guess it was not the main issue. It’s about handling the intensifying momentum that is brought about by the big names in the industry that was there to participate on that night of cause.

On that very moment that the two teams have entered the office of Mr. Tony Fernandes, there goes my veins cracking up and being immersed on such intensifying confrontation that was to end the night.

They were asked to leave the room with their team mates so that Mr. Fernandes has the time to talk with his advisers for a moment. Jonathan and Andrea was called again for the most nerve racking confrontations that is set to happen. Jonathan’s words are just so enlightening. The way he talks, the way he bursts his words without having any other emotions but passion alone, it was just so astounding to hear the thoughts of our fellow Filipino infront of the one-of-the-most successful businessman on the World.

I was so tensed that my head is like popping due to the tension that i’ve felt on the time that Mr. Tony Fernandes is to announce the first Apprentice Asia. And there it goes, “I pick you Jonathan Yabut as my first Apprentice.” *sigh* I was so relieved by the time that Mr. Fernandes has announced that Jonathan Yabut it the first Apprentice Asia.

As a fellow Filipino, I was so overjoyed that the Philippines has yet again managed to have a person like Jonathan, a person that is worth praising and is worth boasting off.

Gab Diaz

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