Charice’s Rumored Girlfriend Speaks Up About The Photo

The girl in Charice‘s viral photo that circulated online speaks up.

Charm Laguitao has confirmed that the viral photo of her and Charice is real, but she denied being the singer’s girlfriend.

The said photo was first posted on Twitter by Nicko Comia (@nickocomia) last Friday. It was retweeted by @krizzy_kalerQUI.

A lot of netizens jumped to conclusion that she is Charice‘s girlfriend.

Laguitao is actually the girlfriend of Charice‘s friend Nikkolo Tenorio, whose uncle is PhilStar columnist and Charice’s “ninong” Bum Tenorio.

Tenorio said that Nikkolo‘s sister Nikka, who died in 2007, was Charice’s best friend.

Laguitao‘s boyfriend who brought along Charice to her birthday party¬†where the photo was taken.

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