Anne Curtis: Philippines Top Endorser

Anne Curtis-Smith, the bubbly down-to-earth actress and host of the noontime show “It’s Showtime,” has unseated the Queen of All Media Kris Aquino as the number one top endorser in the Philippines.

This was in accordance to Jacqueline Thng, a branding strategist and Lexis Branding CEO who said that people love Curtis’ personality and “genuineness”.

“She has a huge following because she’s very genuine. How she sings. She releases albums but she’s one of the worst Filipino singers. But’s her effort, it’s her personality that appeals to a lot of people. That’s why I think she’s extremely popular. And she’s not very proud or arrogant or ‘mayabang.’ She’s very real and she seems down-to-earth, even though she’s up there,” Thng told in a report.

The actress’ endorsers range from canned tuna to shampoo to mobile phones and condominiums. Curtis proudly displays her endorsements in her official website because she said that she’s very particular with what she endorses. “I’m very particular with the products I endorse. Hence, my endorsements are stuff that I also believe in,” she said.

Thng also added that Curtis is probably the most influential (celebrity) and a role model. “She’s huge in social media, and extremely popular. It used to be Kris Aquino but she’s the queen of controversy. But (Kris) is still big,” Thng said.

As for the male top endorsers, actor-model Derek Ramsey is still top of the list, along with actor John Lloyd Cruz according to Thng.

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